Search engine optimization

When websites were introduced, they were only a few in numbers, and search engines are not popular at that time. After years passed people started to use the internet and the number of websites is starting to increase. Due to the thousands of website. It becomes difficult to find the information, and we don’t always get what we want. To solve this problem Larry page founded a solution “Google search engine.” After the arrival of the Google search engine. Finding a website becomes easy.

At that time the algorithm of Google is not complex because there were only thousands of websites. After each year passing internet booms, millions of websites are created. It is difficult for search engines to provide related search results. So they have upgraded their algorithm into a refined one. At the same time, search engines provided better results. Because of these algorithms ranking in search engine becomes difficult. To rank in search engines, we need to follow the rules and optimize for them as well as our visitors.
This is called search engine optimization. The following are some of the steps that are used in websites for search engine optimization.

Brainstorming for a killer headline

For every article and post what attracts the readers or visitors is the attractive headline. Without an interesting headline, visitors won’t click your article and spend time in studying it. Choose a headline that briefs the overall concept of the entire post. Check other articles that are related to your topic. Choose them by researching. Take special care to each article and write down at least five headings and choose the best one. For this work use story base. This website is used to create an excellent headline. Please try before subscribing.

newspaper headline: shot to death

Using meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are necessary. It is a group of words that shown below the link in the search engines. It is same as important as a headline. Do not put more than 65 characters in the meta description If you didn’t use a meta description than search engines automatically create a meta description with the first paragraph of the article. It is good to the use meta descriptions according to the popularity. Meta is basic for search engine optimization.

Always post unique content

Posting a unique content is necessary for websites. If you post content that is already indexed, then your site has no value in search engines. Your rank will drop suddenly, or you may even penalize by search engines for it.

Don’t use thin content

These contents are not good practice if you are trying to get your websites on the first page of the search results. Always use high quality and article with a high number of words. Use more than 500 words in your article is the best search engine optimization practice. Don’t stuff words for increasing word count. Use meaningful and proper sentences that are easily understandable by the readers. This is what search engine wants.

Add content related images

Plain texts always look boring. So, readers easily get bored if they see a long text. To make them stick with your article or a post add images to your post. It makes our article visually appealing and tempts the readers to read without boring. Add royalty free images if you have access to them. There are many image sharing and downloading sites such as stock unlimited, graphic stock, Shutterstock, etc. and add alt text to your images for web crawlers to understand your image.

Add sub headings to your articles

Sub titles can be used throughout your article. Big junk of paragraph doesn’t make your audience to read the whole content. Research showed that most of the people only read first two lines of the article this is incredibly true. To make them read more lines as part of your search engine optimization program break down your large paragraph into small portions and add a suitable sub heading for them. The sub headings can be differentiated by the


Research keyword and use them

Research about your keyword popularity and use them throughout the article. Choose low competition keywords. Don’t overdo it. You may catch for keyword stuffing. Acquire links from other websites and social sites
Acquiring as much link as possible to rank is necessary. This is the most important and challenging part.

International and Local Search engine optimization

Build a site according to your demographics. If your visitors are mainly from UK, then acquire a domain name with or If you have a global audience or visitors then build sites with different TLD’s and redirect them based on IP.

For Local SEO try to get your website in top yellow page site and Google place If you don’t know how then consult a Local SEO expert.

With these, you can gain your ranking quickly in search engines. Search engine optimization seems difficult, but it starts to give result once it is done properly.